New for September 2018


Jo Hawes Performing Arts School

Sundays in term time in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

Most stage schools concentrate on singing, dancing and acting and that is absolutely fine but I am very aware now more than ever of the many skills that performers need to have in our very overcrowded profession.     Puppetry, for example, has come on incredibly in recent years largely due to the success of Warhorse and I have recently cast the child for Christmasaurus where the title role was taken by two incredibly talented puppeteers. During my half term courses I have wanted to show the children and young people that it is possible to do absolutely anything within our profession and I have hoped that they notice that not only are they learning skills but that their tutor is a working professional.

The people I choose to teach the students will always be industry professionals – teachers do a fantastic job but I want the students to be inspired by people who are actually making their living in our industry. This is at the heart of what I believe and why I set up the holiday courses in the first place – I feel completely passionate about it.     I have a number of really exciting and experienced people who are all very keen to be involved.     None of my lovely staff are going to be able to teach every Sunday – I accept that and will work round it – it is not a problem and will give the students different ways of looking at things and plenty of variety.     Carrie and Wedgie will continue to be at the heart of all I do – I could not do what I do without them and nor would I want to.

So my school will be a bit unusual – a Stage School with a Twist which I think is very exciting – it will be so much fun!

Please do email me if you are interested for your child as places will be limited and I already have a number of students wanting to sign up.