Current Castings
  •   Please make suggestions on separate emails for each show with the name of the child, DOB, age, height and area in which they live i.e their education authority.
  • Please note time does not permit me to ask for this information if it arrives incomplete so regrettably any such enquiries will be deleted.   I also cannot take enquiries by phone or text.
  • No photos / youtube links / videos required unless otherwise stated – thank you.
  • Please note in all cases boys must have unbroken voices and girls must be undeveloped.
  • I am unable to help anyone who is too tall or too old for any of these productions and I do not cast adults or have any information about adult casting or the appointment of resident teams or crew.  So sorry but time does not permit a response to email outside the limits set out below.
  • All suggestions welcome for the shows below providing the children fit the criteria – if they do not I am unable to see them.      All shows are very specific and the criteria are all there for very good reasons.
  • If it states that children must be local that is what it means and I do not allow children to relocate or stay with relatives because that means school is missed.


LES MISERABLES  – Queens Theatre, London

Auditions in the Autumn of 2018 – suggestions welcome anytime please.

  • Gavroche under 4’ 7 any nationality, very strong singing and acting.  Streetwise, tough but likeable kid about 10 years old, unbroken voice.
  • Cosette under 4‘ 4, fair skin, sweet soprano voice.
  • Eponine who does not sing but she understudies Cosette – height limit applies
  • All children to be within an easy commute of London (45 miles approx)
  • Girls sing Castle on A Cloud
  • Boys sing ‘Ow Do You Do My Name’s Gavroche 



 LES MISERABLES UK TOUR  Rehearsing September 2018   Opening November Leicester Curve.    Leicester children are cast.

Boys to play Gavroche will be cast from London and will tour for 6 months.  

Girls to play Cosette and Eponine will be auditioned locally and will play in their home town.    We will be touring to Dublin Edinburgh Manchester Birmingham Milton Keynes and other dates TBC.        Audition dates below where known.  The requirements for Gavroche, Cosette and Eponine are as for the London production above.

BOYS TO PLAY GAVROCHE                                                                                                                                               Opening boys are cast – I will be recasting in the new year and can see them from anywhere in the UK                                                                                                                                                 

When submitting I need the following info – name of child, age, height (the limit of 4 foot 4 is absolutely set in stone) & hometown.  Incomplete submissions will be deleted due to lack of time to chase – apologies.    I do not need photos or video footage – nor will we audition via skype or video – thank you.


Audition dates –

Please do not make suggestions for Dublin and Edinburgh until September – children grow in August!   I will take Manchester suggestions in November.

  • Dublin    Saturday October 13
  • Edinburgh  Sunday Dec 9
  • Manchester Saturday January 16 2019

Please note these dates are the only dates for the various auditions.  

Please make suggestions asap – separate emails for each venue – the venue and LES MIS to be named in the subject line.  Please include name of child, age, DOB, height and distance in miles from the venue (Dublin, Edinburgh or Manchester) to home.  

No photos thank you – all ethnic diversity strongly encouraged.



Boys and girls aged 4 – 6 required to play the role of TAM locally whilst the show is visiting.  

NOW CASTING                                                                                                                                  Bradford – URGENT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

Sunderland September 2018

All children must be SE Asian, confident and no taller than 117cms.  They have a brilliant time!   Please email me with name, DOB, hometown and a small photo.


CONSENT – a play at the Harold Pinter Theatre

This production has transferred to the Harold Pinter having enoyed a very successful run at the Royal National Theatre.     Babies are very young – around 4 weeks old and are in the first 8 minutes of the play only so leave the theatre by 7.45.      Mothers chaperone and we are looking for as many babies as possible so that they only do one or two shows a week. They must be commutable to Central London.      I would like to hear from any mothers of babies that might suit this.



I am looking for identical twin girls aged 8 – 12.  Please contact me for more information including the following  – photo of the two girls, their names, dob, height and hometown.  They can live anywhere in the UK.