Current Castings

Please make suggestions on separate emails for each show with the name of the child, DOB, age, height and area in which they live i.e their education authority.




  • Please note time does not permit me to ask for this information if it arrives incomplete so regrettably any such enquiries will be deleted.   I also cannot take enquiries by phone or text.
  • No photos / youtube links / videos required unless otherwise stated – thank you.
  • Please note in all cases boys must have unbroken voices and girls must be undeveloped.
  • I am unable to help anyone who is too tall or too old for any of these productions and I do not cast adults or have any information about adult casting or the appointment of resident teams or crew.  So sorry but time does not permit a response to email outside the limits set out below.
  • All suggestions welcome for the shows below providing the children fit the criteria – if they do not I am unable to see them.      All shows are very specific and the criteria are all there for very good reasons.
  • If it states that children must be local that is what it means and I do not allow children to relocate or stay with relatives because that means school is missed.


NEW CASTING   –   THE SECRET DIARY OF ADRIAN MOLE is at last getting its well deserved West End run.       The production will play the Ambassadors Theatre until October..  Luke Sheppard will direct and head up the original creative team


Please make suggestions as a matter of urgency with the following information.


Name of young person




Height in feet and inches


Distance in miles from Home to Central London


I would like a head and shoulders photograph of girls please but do not need one of boys.


All children must be commutable to London – that is within a 50 mile radius


Please do not direct me to spotlight links or CV’s.


All young people must be over 12 and under 5 foot 4.  They must look like teenagers.             We will not see anyone that is younger than 12 or older than 14 for any of these parts.


All ethnic diversity more than welcome


Adrian Mole| 12 /14 | unbroken voice. Adrian is a unique individual; a neurotic anti-hero with earnest pretentions. Adorably eccentric and enormously angst-ridden, he feels himself to be hugely intellectually superior to both his peers and parents. Adrian would much rather have been born into royalty but is stuck in a dead end cul-de-sac and dreams of the day he can escape to London and become a fully-fledged intellectual with poems broadcast on the BBC. Anally retentive and a huge hypochondriac, Adrian is constantly bemoaning his spots and poor parenting. An enormous role for a young actor, Adrian barely leaves the stage and sings in the majority of songs. Must also be enormously loveable; his quirks are his strengths and we go on the entire journey of the show with him.


Nigel, his best friend| 12/14 | unbroken voice Nigel is a bit of a simpleton, but with an enormous, infectious energy. He believes everything he’s told and would absolutely jump off a cliff if you told him to. Strong comic potential here for a quirky, bright actor.


Pandora, a bright young thing| 12/14 | RP, soprano Pandora Braithwaite is absolutely super thank-you-very-much and everybody knows it from the second they meet her. Transferring to Adrian’s school from the local posh school, Pandora is fiercely ambitious; a young Maggie Thatcher dressed straight out of Vogue, with ‘hair the colour of treacle’. Beautiful, and with brains to match her looks, she has Adrian – and the audience – in the palm of her hand from the moment she arrives.


Barry Kent, the school bully | 12/14 |  unbroken voice.   A gruff, monosyllabic thug who bullies Adrian. Even the teachers are scared of him. Must be a strong presence, but also look the same age as the other children; part of the humour to the audience is of seeing a young schoolboy attempt to be menacing.










Disney’s award-winning musical THE LION KING will embark on a UK Tour in 2019.    In the stage version of THE LION KING there are two children’s roles: Young Simba and Young Nala.  We are looking for children aged 9 – 11 to play these roles on the upcoming UK & International Tour.   Ethnic diversities more than welcome.


 Young Simba (Young Lion)




Young Simba is tough, brave, athletic stature and energetic.    Age: 9 – 11


Young Nala (Young Lioness)


Young Nala is tough, brave, athletic stature and energetic.  Age: 9 – 11




 PLEASE NOTE MAXIMUM HEIGHT: 140cm (4’6″) and I will need a head and shoulders photo – only one pleas


Please submit with name, age, height and hometown.    


We will audition on Sunday March 24 between 10 am and 4pm in London – first rounds am and second rounds pm.  Rehearsals in July.






I am auditioning girls locally for this tour so please make suggestions as appropriate.


Local means within around 25 mile 




Auditions                    Sat 4th May 201


Rehearsals                   Thurs 30th May & Fri 31st May 2019         


Playing                        June 10 – July 6




Auditions                    Saturday May 25 


Rehearsals                   TB


Playing                        July 8 – August 10




Auditions                    Saturday June 22


Rehearsals                   Thursday 1st& Friday 2 August 2019


Playing                        August 12 – October 5




Auditions                    Sunday July 14


Rehearsals                   Thurs 26th and Fri 27th September 2019 


Playing                        October 7 – October 26 




Auditions                    Saturday September 7


 Rehearsals                   Thurs 17th and Fri 18th Oct 


Playing                        October 28 – November 23




Auditions                    Saturday October 12


Rehearsals                   TBC


All auditions are by appointment in the local venue – nobody will be seen on spec.


All ethnicities are encouraged.


Girls cannot be younger than seven and a half to audition.    They must be under four foot four.   They must have lovely singing voices – Eponine must also sing as she covers the role of Cosette.


When submitting I need the following info – name of child, age, height (the limit of 4 foot 4 for girls is absolutely set in stone) & hometown along with mileage venue to home.  I do not allow relocation and anyone that lives too far away will not be seen.  The whole point is to give local children an opportunity   Please do not send photos or video footage – nor will we audition via skype or video – thank you.

Please put Les Mis Tour and the venue in the subject line.




Boys will be auditioned imminently and can come from anywhere in the UK.   They play for 6 months on scheduled days – they do not just play locally.      They are lifted during the show several times by adult actors so must be skinny.  Boys must be under 4 foot 7 with an unbroken, great singing voice.   They must be 9 (on the day of the audition)  – 11 years old.  


 Please put LES MIS UK TOUR in the subject line. London and other productions as well so that is why the subject heading is vital.


When submitting I need the following info – name of child, age, height (the limit of under 4 foot 7  is absolutely set in stone.     Incomplete submissions will be deleted due to lack of time to chase – apologies.    I do not need photos or video footage – nor will we audition via skype or video – thank you






Rehearsals / performances July to November


Auditions ongoing for girls – boys are cast.  Suggestions welcome now please for girls to play Cosette.

  • Cosette under 4‘ 4, sweet soprano voice.
  • All skin colours welcome.
  • All children to be within an easy commute of London (45 miles approx)
  • Girls sing Castle on A Cloud








We are looking for bright, well-spoken children who can sing, act and dance well to play Jane and Michael Banks for the forthcoming production of Mary Poppins at the Prince Edward Theatre in London.


JANE BANKS – age 9 –12 years, maximum height 4’10”


MICHAEL BANKS – age 9 – 11 years, maximum height 4’8″


 All boys must have unbroken voices, girls must be undeveloped and we cannot see children with fixed braces. 


Auditions will take place in London in May.   Suggestions can be made now please.    The production commences rehearsals on 2 September 2019.    I will be looking to recast in the spring of 2020




LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE     Arcola Theatre (cast) followed by a tour.


For the run at the Arcola we are cast – it is unlikely we will be casting again.






I am looking for identical twin girls aged 8 – 12.  Please contact me for more information including the following  – photo of the two girls, their names, dob, height and hometown.  They can live anywhere in the UK.