Child Protection Policy

- The welfare of the child is paramount and the chaperones have complete responsibility to decide on the fitness / safety of the child.

- No child can ever be left on his or her own and must always be in the sight of a chaperone – occasionally this may involve the use of monitors in the wings if the nature of the show/set makes it impossible to see the child.

- The official ratio of 1.12 is only a guide and the number of chaperones will be increased with regard to the nature of the set, the gender of the children and the staging.

- No child will be asked to take part in any staging with which they feel uncomfortable.

- Where there are girls and boys in the performance there will always be a minimum of two chaperones irrespective of the number of children.

- Chaperones will not permit photographs to be taken of the children under any circumstances except official photographs taken by the Production Photographer which are subject to copyright.

- Boys and girls will have separate toilet facilities where possible, which will be labelled BOYS and GIRLS and may not be used by adults.

- Boys and girls will have separate changing facilities – occasionally this may mean that a curtain is used to divide a room.

- All chaperones will be DBS checked and licenced by their local authority. They will at all times report to the Children’s Administrator.

- A risk assessment is done by the Health and Safety Officer for the production. Any concerns will be discussed with the Children’s Administrator who will seek advice from the local authority if applicable.

- Travel – Children will not be permitted to travel by themselves at any point whilst travelling in connection with the production.

- Any abuse or suspected abuse will be reported to the Children’s Administrator and treated in the strictest confidence and with sensitivity.

- If a child talks to a chaperone about abuse or suspected abuse the chaperone should listen but not ask questions. They should not make any confidentiality promises which might prejudice any prosecution.

- All children will be treated equally and with respect and dignity.

- The welfare of each child will always be put first irrespective of any inconvenience to the production.

- Bullying by other children or the adults with whom they come into contact will not be accepted or condoned under any circumstances.

- Action will be taken to stop any inappropriate verbal or physical behaviour.

- The production will keep up-to-date with health & safety legislation and any changes in the child licencing or child protection legislation.

- All adults will maintain a safe and appropriate distance from children.

- Adults will only touch children when it is absolutely necessary in relation to the particular activity.

- At all times the Children and Young Person Act 1963/ Children (Performances and Activities) (England) Regulations 2014 will be upheld and adhered to.

- Chaperones and parents should report any concerns to the Children’s Administrator/Producer/Company Manager. Should they feel unable to do this they are advised to contact the local authority who granted the Performance Licence.

Joanne Hawes
Children’s Casting and Administration