Current Castings

Please make suggestions on separate emails for each show (not each child) with the name of the child, DOB, age, height and area in which they live i.e their postcode.
All suggestions should be made to

Please Read Carefully

Please note time does not permit me to ask for any incomplete details. Any such enquiries will be deleted. I also cannot take enquiries by phone or text.

No photos / Youtube links / videos required unless otherwise stated – thank you.

Please note in all cases boys must have unbroken voices and girls must be undeveloped.

I am unable to help anyone who is too tall or too old for any of these productions and I do not cast adults or have any information about adult casting or the appointment of resident teams or crew.

All suggestions welcome for the shows providing the children fit the criteria – if they do not I am unable to see them. All shows are very specific and the criteria are all there for very good reasons.

If it states that children must be local that is what it means and I do not allow children to relocate or stay with relatives because that means school is missed.

The name of the production must appear in the subject line of your email.

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